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Magic Muggles


Since I still seem to be alone in here I’ve been considering other options for presentation and have been looking at a couple of CMS programs.

Currently the one of choice is e107. I’ve not configured it much yet since I’m still assessing what its capabilities are and if it would be suitable for some of the suggestions in previous posts. For a quick look at what *is* there in terms of the CMS itself (no content at all!) have a look here.

In the meantime I’m continuing to look around.

Website Ideas.

As said, so far we’ve been a bit short on ideas so I thought I’d throw a couple in the get us started. :)

Hows about -:

Gallery: place to show off potter related photos - hope fully *not* all simply lifted from other sites! :)

Fan-Fic: how about a depository for all the Potter fan-fic we can find? Assuming the writers and/or other sites don’t mind us carrying a copy. If we can get original work submitted as well so much the better.

Forum: Ok we *do* have the newsgroup which is where it all started, but we might want one here specifically for discussing site stuff?

Chat/Shout Box: Simple way of quick response to each other.

Plot Threads Page: Where we can write pages dedicated to those bits of the story we think are most important… and/or interesting.

Links: To other Potter related sites mainly but subsections to other sites.

Dictionary: Where we add the words and definitions people from areas outside the UK have ‘trouble’understanding.

Spellionary: Where we list the known spells in the Potterverse and what effects they have.

Ideas: Place to float ideas and concepts that we’d like to see *if* JKR ever writes another book based in the Potterverse.

… this is all I can come up with right now. Any more you can come up with??

Next step.

Ok. We *really* need input about which direction to send this site. Likewise we need to know what features need to be added.

Currently yes it *is* just a blog… but this is only because there is no point creating what *we* want… we need to know what *you* want or the place won’t be used! :)

And… ?

Well. As you can see from the number of new members, posts, comments and responses the site has met with thunderous lack of interest so far! The level of apathy to date has been quite stunning in it’s scope and completeness. :)

I’m not too despondent yet. The site has only been ‘active’ a few days and we’re still getting the news that the site exists over to the larger group. I’ve no doubt that once the momentum begins it’ll be a rolling ball that will crush all opposition…. we shall over come… we shall be victorious… we shall emerge the victors… we shall…. whoops sorry… wrong site… I meanto say once we get the momentum up people will visit and the place will take off… yes… I think I covered my tracks there well enough. Bwahahahahahaha    :)

Build it and they will come!

Hello, G’day and Welcome

Welcome to the new site of the usenet group The site is currently set up in the form of a WordPress blog. It’s primary purpose is to give us pottermaniacs who frequent that group a web presence where we can store and discuss information about the potterverse created by J K Rowling.

The site isn’t intended to compete with the likes of Mugglenet, or Leakey Cauldron but is intended to form the basis of an online community where idea and concepts are uploaded and bandied about by people with too much information and not enough real life social contact to be able to discuss it :)

We truly want you to join in, have fun and pass your ideas on. What would the world be like if we all stayed inside our shells eh?

So. The site *will* mutate, grow and develop over the coming months. We need themes, banners, links, and suggestions for plugins and new features. We’ll soon add a gallery, possibly a forum, maybe a… well you get the picture.

Oh yes… as far as is possible online this *is* a democratically run site. We need you on board to make it what *you* want it to be. Ready when you are.